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Main and Updates

Hiya folks! My name is BabyCharmander. Don't recognize me? Perhaps,then, you might recognize the names Maggie64, QooBee, BabyChar,FloraKirby, R2-64, EverAfter, Tipper, or Artoo_Sixfour. If not, then someone's eithershowing you this website, or you found it on accident. Either way,welcome!

Like the background, mur? I had some paint choices picked out for this background, and I was wandering around, trying to decide what would look nice. Looks like my paws did that for me, though, murhur!

Holymur, d00dfaec! I actually updated like I promised I would!! %O

First up, Cadmus's character profile is up. I also edited the already existing profiles to include the character's species. I guess I forgot before... eheh.

Next, a new BComic is up. This one is the start of a mini-arc about Life. ...I mean the fish, Life. You know what I mean. --;

After that, the Helpers have been updated.

Thazzit for now. Byea folks!

Oh, and the new adoptables section is up.


Seriously, though, I've really been slacking with this website, and I apologize. Though part of the reason I haven't updated in FOREVER is NOT MY FAULT. I meant to update this website TWO MONTHS AGO but the FTP server crapped out on me. Now [REDACTED] finally fixed it, so I can now update the site. Which I'm doing now, obviously. HUZZAH.

First up, in case you haven't noticed, THE LINKS ARE FIXED. I didn't think about how the move to CleverPun would screw up the links on the site. I apologize profusely for messing that up, mur. D: Oh well, they're fixed now, so I guess it's mur'kay.

Next, Cutter and Dagger's profiles have been updated and some characters relating to their old backstories have been removed from the character lists. I got so their backstories were starting to bug me, so I changed them. The characters themselves haven't changed, though, so don't worry if you're in any RPs with them. BabyCharmander's profile has some minor updates as well. (I promise I'll add another character profile next update, BTW.)

As well, there are now two new comics up! Fire Orange and the Three Mijits is a complete comic, but Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: AWESOME Rescue Team is still in the works. Alongside a new character profile update, I promise I'll do another BComic next update.

This next update is rather minor: A button has been added for BCommunity. :P Meant to do that a long time ago. The great and mighty DFighter made it for me, murhur!

Hm... The pictures on this site seem a tad old. I'll be sure to get a new front page pic and a few other new pics next update as well. WHEN the next update will be, though... is kinda' up in the air. I've just started a summer college class (gsapshock, I guess I kinda gave away my age, so the "About" section has been updated with that) and I'll be somewhat busy now...


Well, that's it for now. Byea folks!

Live from Clever Pun... Kinda?
Heyo, everyone. It's [REDACTED] again, updating this webspace to alert you of all the fun happy stuff going on.

Firstly, BCanvas is now on a new and hopefully much more stable host, Clever Pun (run by MJZhosting). However, this has brought up an issue I've failed to notice up until now -- the URLs all across the site, with the exception of the enter page, are absolute and point to BCanvas's (now gone) G-Requiem mirror (which, surprisingly, wasn't even via subdomain -- it went straight to the directory). As a result, a number of the pages on this site are inaccessible except through manually splicing the links.

Additionally, BabyCharmander herself has to endure the torture of her senior trip. To where, I don't know, but she'll be back next Saturday and will fix the links site-wide then. If I had the time myself, I'd do it, but have YOU tried to balance commuting to school, working on a community RPG, trying to trace down your co-owner to work out PHP backbone plans, unpacking all your belongings, etc.? :x

...I'm rambling. I'll just end this update now. D:

Comics update!
I wasn't kidding when I said that updates would be dealyed, mur! %D; I've been busy with a lot of RL issues and the like. I did manage to update the Helpers, but I missed two updates. >>; Whoops. I'll try to get this next update, then.

Anyway... If you take a look at the Art section, you'll see that there's a new comic there. I've also added commentary to the comic pages and re-numbered the BComics, murhur. :D

That's it for now. Byea folks!

Updates may be delayed
No, I haven't forgotten to update the Helpers. The thing is, though, I haven't been feeling my greatest over the past week or so due to real life issues and some other stuff, so expect the Helper update to be delayed for a few days, mur.

Byea folks.

New character and more comics
Sorry for the pointless update a few days ago, folks. WhoopA was one of my good 'net friends, and he died on the 14th... I was rather depressed, which is why I was late in updating everything.

I'm feeling better now, though, and I updated the Helpers, added some new comics, added a new character profile, and fixed up a few errors I spotted around the site.

That's all for now. Byea folks.

...Rest in peace, WhoopA.

Real update coming soon.


Happeh Fourth of July, folks!
Hiya folks, an' happeh Fourth of July, for those of you who live in the US! Heh... It's about 12:30 AM right now. Sheesh... How long have I been working on this site, now? Since around... 1? Woo. The reason I've been taking so long, though, is 'cuz I have a huge update--THE WRITINGS SECTION! I've been promising you folks this section for a while, and now it's finally up, with a number of fics for you to read. :D Have fun.

I've also added some more artwork (with a pic I forgot to add in the Kirby section--it's after the anthro pics), some BComics, a page to Spring Torando, a new character, and some updated things in the other character pages (including a new pic of Mako, since the old one was poorly-drawn).

If you see any errors, feel free to alert me.

That's it for now... byea folks. *ka-THUD*

Hiya folks! I have updated! %D Sorry for taking so long... my brother's family has invaded my basement where my computer is, so yeah, mur.

The eggs are updated, as is the Helper gallery. There's some new pics in the art section and some new BComics. *nods* I think that's about it. I'll have that writing section up soon, I promise!

Oh, and thanks to all of you who joined the RP going on in BCommunity. :D I'm happy that's it's finally gotten started, murhur!

That's it for now. Byea folks!

New section!
Hiya folks! I finally got off my lazy rear and updated the website. You'll notice a small change I made: my signature has changed, so it fits the site theme better. :D

There's also two updates in the Stuuf section: A Helper Gallery in the Hatch-A-Helper Hatchery, and a section for little webcritters that I adopted. :3 Be sure to pay both a visit! (Oh, and no new eggs this half of the month. Not really, anyway... only if you've kept the notes that the TAC left when he stole one of the batches of eggs!)

Also... FOR THE LOVE OF MUR, FOLKS, POST ON BCOMMUNITY! Oo; Seriously, I don't want a dead forum sitting around, mur! At least participate in the RP that I started there. We only need four more characters to kick it off!

Mur well... I s'pose that's it for now, mur. Byea folks!

Small update
Hiya folks! Small update today. I added Mako's profile n' such. :D Also, the new batch of eggs will be up later today, and the Birdons will be updated later today as well.

Thazzit for now. Byea folks!

I am a paranoid baby Charmander. D:
Someone suggested to me that even if my original concepts are "copyrighted", they might still be stolen anyway. Because I'm a paranoid lil' lizard... I got rid of all the completely original stuff off my site. So it's all fan stuff now, mur.

If, for whatever reason, you wanted to see my original work, then you can contact me via email, forum, IM, chat, whatever, and ask me about it. But like I said, I'm slightly paranoid, so I'll only show you if I trust you, mur. >>;

In other news, I found a buncha' typos and broken links in the new Art section, but they're all fixed now. :D

That's all for today, I think. Byea folks!

Hiya folks, murhur! I finally got off my lazy rear and updated the site. :P Big update this time... The art section is now up! I put up all my old art that I consider to be worthwhile to look at, but not all of it. There's a link to my old DeviantART websites in the art section if you want to see all of my old art.

I've been updating the eggs, as always. And yes, they are all supposed to be black this time.

I've also made a minor update to the character profiles. Now you can see the character's religion.

And... PLEASE POST ON MY BCOMMUNITY, FOLKS! I didn't make that message board just for you folks to not post on it! Oo; Also, don't be afraid to drop by the chat. The #BChatters don't bite... though their characters might. XP

Thazzit for now. Byea folks~

New eggs, character pages updates, and other stuuf!
Hiya folks! Sorry for the lack of updates. Though I actually didn't end up being banned for a week, I would like to thank [REDACTED] for posting the notice here earlier.

Mur'kay... let's see... New eggs are up, hatchlings have grown a bit... Added some more links to the links section...

HUGE update to the Characters section. I made a few minor changes to BabyCharmander's profile, added a profile for Florescent, and added the names of all the other characters that still need profiles. I still might be missing some. Oo;;

I promise to have the Art and Writing sections up soon! Just give me some time! ^^;;

Also... Someone alerted me that someone had entered #BChat a few days ago during one of its inactive hours and caused trouble. I would like to take the time to state that no, #BChat is not full of bots and no, you may not cause trouble just because the OPs are inactive. If you come to the chat and no one's "alive", then just wait for a bit. Every chat has inactive periods.

So that's it for now. Byea folks!

Testing, testing, 1 2 3... Is this thing on?

Alright, folks, this is [REDACTED], webmaster of the domain BCanvas is hosted on. Yes, that G-Requiem thing in the URL. That's mine. Not for much longer, but I digress...

BabyCharmander's kind and caring father *snort* has revoked her computer access for a week (on completely bogus terms, no doubt). As such, there will be no updates for that time. Not that there were very many, but it does serve to help make note of it in case people start wondering where she went.



New eggs and forums!
Hiya folks! Two updates today.

To start things off, the first batch of Helpers has hatched, revealing some baby Birdons! I hope y'all have birdseed handy. The new batch is up as well. I wonder what could be in these new eggs...?

As for the other update... If you go to the "Stuuf" section, you will find a link to BCanvas's forums, BCommunity! It's an RP-centered forum, so if you like that sort of thing then go take a look! Even if you're not, there's still stuff for non-RPers to do.

Thazzit for now. Byea folks!

Characters section and other things
Hiya folks, murhur! I got quite a few updates today!

First of all, the Characters section is finally up! There's only one character on there so far, but hey, it's a start, right?

Secondly, I have a couple other minor updates. My 'net friend SP/Asotoku has made me a button for the Hatch-A-Helper Hatchery, and another one of my 'net friends, Rat, has made me a button for this site, so you can link back to me! Also, if you look in the Links section, you can find a link to Rat's site. :3

Thirdly, I fixed the front page picture so that it won't take so long to load.

Finally, thanks to whoever it was that emailed me, I added the HTML coding for the Hatch-A-Helper Hatchery eggs.

That's it for now. Byea folks!

Hiya folks, murhur! I have a surprise for y'all! I have a new section. No, it's not in the header, exactly. Take a look at the "Stuuf" section to find it. :3

If you haven't already looked, I'll tell you what it is right now: the "Hatch-a-Helper" section! This section will be like an adoptable section of the website. For more information, visit the section itself.

That's all for now. :3 Byea folks!

Haven't updated in a while!
Hiya folks again! Sorry for the lack of updates. I'll tell you flat out--I've been lazy. >>; Sorry 'bout that.

I know I said that I wanted to have the character section up next, but there's still a bit of preparation to do for that. For now, here's a minor update: The "Stuuf" section is now open with a link to the Java version of my chatroom, #BChat. If you have mIRC, though, you can just log onto EsperNet and head over to the chat, murhur.

That's it for now. Byea folks.

New section added
Hiya folks! I added a new section--an About page, if you were wondering about me or this website, mur. :3

I'm hoping to get the Character section up next, mur. Until then, though, byea folks.

Yay, I made a new main page pic and updated the intro a bit, mur!

Now I can get to work on the actual website itself! Yay! I'll probably start with the links page first, mur. I'll report when I'm done.

Thazzit for now. Byea folks~

Edit: Added the links section.

Second update, murhur!

Yay, thanks to Meta-Starman_Ness, the site now has a better looking layout! As you can see, there's still not much to the site, though.

The links at the top of the page don't work yet, obviously. I'm not going to work on those yet, anyway. First of all I'd like to make an actual background, banner, and a few other images to make this site look more awesomegreat.

See you next update.

Edit: Added a banner and a background.

First update, murhur!

Hiya folks! This is my first update for the site, murhur!

As you can see, I don't have a lot here. Just the front page, thestuff you see above this lil' "Updates" table, and, of course, theUpdates table itself.

I'm working on making this main page look better and I'm going to betesting pages and such, so you might see this main page change a bitbetween now and the next update, murhur.

That's all for now. Byea folks!

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